Trends – Whiplash EP (Out 08/02/13 on Mixclique Records)

Trends – Whiplash EP (Out 08/02/13 on Mixclique Records)
Trends EP - Whiplash EP Cover

Showreel of EP

Trends – Selecta
Trends – Whiplash
Trends – Fuzz Buzz
Trends – Mirrors

We are happy to announce our next release with heavy, up and coming Grime producer ‘Trends’!
The release consists of 4 weighty instrumental tracks, each track on the EP was carefully chosen to insure that this release was 100% Well made content.

We look forward to the release and expect many more releases to come snowballing afterward as we have an EP release from Mixclique’s very own ‘Neon Beats’ and the long awaited ‘Pick & Mix Volume 2’!

As always, Keep it Mixclique!

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BigDeann’s #GrimeyMondays Interviews (Series 2) – with Teeza! Part 1

(Graphic image of Teeza)

You and S-X featured on ‘the Leak EP 2’ by the big man TRC. With TRC being from brum, how did this perfect link up all come about?

I was familiar with some of his previous music, from around 2010/11 and over time I was hearing more of his work. So, i found him on twitter, followed him on there, and as far as i can remember he followed back and we began talking from there via twitter then on the phone etc. We made the connection, built a pretty good relationship so when it was time for the EP, he gave me a shout and wanted me involved. Thats the good thing about twitter, networking can be made so easy (most of the time)

I’ve noticed you tamper around with your sound frequently, you can go from making a synth hip hop riddim, to that hype hard hitting Grime ‘wheel up’ music. Would you say remaining versatile an consistent is the way to gain such recognition like yourself?

I’ve always had an eclectic taste in music from a young age so thats where it all began for me really. When I make music, a lot of the time I go off a mood/energy, so different genres or BPMs give me the freedom to express that feeling and catch the vibe. Plus, doing the same old shit over and over just becomes monotonous for me personally.

biggest tune your feeling right now? (Grime, garage, bassline, hip hop, funky)

Off top right now, because i was just listening to and i do like it a lot, ill say Hudson Mohawke – ‘Chimes.’ The riddim is bananas!

You recently made a tune with the infamous ‘Hitman Hyper’. will we be hearing any other collabs such as this soon?

If all goes according to plan then definitely. Me and Hyper having have spoken over the phone and discussed doing more work in future and I have a few other vocal bits lined up. All will be revealed soon enough.

Neon Beats & DJ Spinx – Nasty.FM Podcast (11/10/12)

Download Link:

Old School Grime First Hour:

Neon Beats

1. Giggs – Blow Em Away (ft Shola Ama) (XL)
2. Wiley – Morgue
3. Wiley – Lethal B Diss 4 (War Dub)
4. Rude Kid – Electric VIP (Are You Ready)
5. DJ Oddz – Bump Dis 2
6. Wiley – Dark Waters
7. Katie Pearl- Leave Me Alone Version II (ft Kano) (Paperchase)
8. K9 – Baby
9. Jammer Ft. Wiley, D Double E, Kano and Goodz – Destruction VIP (Jamek Da World)
10. Big E – Catch Up (Big Eared Riddim)
11. Killa P – 21 Seconds (Remix) (Ft. Skepta, Flowdan)
12. SX – Woo Riddim (Stayfresh)
13. Diesle – My Guns Like (Ft. Gods Gift, Skepta, Flowdan)
14. Frisco – Sem Freestyle
15. Shystie – Make It Easy (Davinche Remix ft Crazy Titch & J2K) (Polydor)
16. Jammer – It’s Alot (Ft. C. Gritz, Double O, Badness)
17. Terror Danjah – Cockback (feat. Hyper MC, Crazy Titch, D Double e & Riko)
18. Dexplicit – Change Formation (DXP)
19. All In One – Ice Rink
20. Ivan O – Come Again
21. Statik ft Various – The Set (All Starr Records)
22. Griminal – Mayhem Freestyle
23. Davinche – Gotta Man (Instrumental) (Paperchase)
24. Blacks – Slump Man ft. Kozzie & Mischief
25. Imp Batch – Gype (Kamakazie)
26. Wiley – Marijuana (Ft. Frisco)
27. Nu Brand Flexxx – Gash By Da Hour
28. Frisco – Skengman Mode (Ft. Chipmunk, Double S)
29. Davinche – Jenny Instrumental (Paperchase)
30. N.A.S.T.Y. Crew (Ft. Bigga Man) – Take You Out
31. Jendor ft Blacks – 100 Rhymes

New School Grime Second Hour:

DJ Spinx

1. Discarda – Lassie (feat. DJ Q)
2. Moony – TNT (Gobstopper Records)
3. Preditah – Circles (Earth 616)
4. K1 – All Nuts (Mixclique Records)
5. Rynsa Man – That’s Nasty
6. M.I.K – More (Spooky Remix)
7. Spooky – Pulse 007
8. Sirpixalot Productions – Grime-Hot (Wizzbit x Waifer Mashup)
9. Starkey – D.P.M.O Instrumental (Slit Jockey Records)
10. Eddy & LJ – Airwaves Remix
11. Trends – Bass Mode
12. Preditah – Attack (Earth 616)
13. Bok Bok – Silo Pass (Sir Spyro Remix) (Night Slugs)
14. Spooky – Code 9 (Moony Remix) (Hot Mom USA)
15. TC4- Big Inna Di Manor


Neon Beats

1. Shiftee & Badman Shark – EKG Riddim (Spooky’s Remix)
2. Shizzio, Jammer, MC PSG, Shabba D, Big Narstie – Come Get Some (Typah Grime Remix)
3. Sirpixalot Productions – Lunacy
4. Neon Beats – Whiplash 007 (Myth Dubz)
5. Neon Beats – Ohh Noo! (Mixclique)
6. Myth Dubz – Shatap
7. Neon Beats – Attack VIP Mix (Plainface)
8. Faze Miyake – Gunpowder
9. Myth Dubz – Pulse Computation (Mixcliqutation)
10. Scrufizzer & 2Face – Minor
11. Spooky – Rhythm & Gash 2012
12. M.I.K – Grime Dosen’t Pay (Slit Jockey Records)
13. Rude Kid Ft Pmoney & Merky Ace – Spring
14. Roll Deep – Eskimo Vocal
15. Kozzie ft Blacks,Mischief & Slaughter – Wind Wipers
16. Ghetts – Mountain

Neon Beats & DJ Spinx – Nasty.FM Podcast 04/10/12

Download Link:

Firstly I would like to say thanks to all the DJ’s that have been supporting attack ep and Score 5. That is out now on Plainface Records (full details at the bottom of this mail). I would like to take this oppurtunity to say that we have adjusted the lineup of Mixclique as DJ Ethic has taken a break from music. We have brought in DJ Spinx who is also a grime specialist and have moved our radio show from ICR FM to Nasty FM to give us a better platform.

Thanks to all those that supported Mixclique Presents: Pick & Mix Volume One, volume two will be out in the future and also other things in due time (late 2012/early 2013)

Peace, Neon.

Garage/Funky First Hour:


1. Lil Silva – Nightskanker VIP (Night Slugs)
2. Champion – Tribal Affair (Harddrive)
3. Dem 2 – Destiny (New Vocal Mix) (Locked On)
4. Zed Bias – Neighbourhood (Locked On)
5. X5 Dubs – From Dem Ah (We R Bass)
6. Jammer – Party Animal (Big Dada)
7. Redlight – Source 16 (Digital Soundboy)
8. Mosca – Bax (Numbers)
9. Artful – Could Just Be the Bassline (ArtOfficial Club Mix) (Workhouse Records)
10. Ms Dynamite – Booo! (Social Circles)
11. MJ Cole & Scrufizzer – Southern Electric (Prolific Recordings)
12. Tanya Lacey – Greatness (Preditah Remix ft. Kozzie) (Laceywood Records Ltd)
13. Heartless Crew – The Heartless Theme (a.k.a. The Superglue Riddim) (Eastwest)

DJ Spinx

1. Agent X – Decoy (Public Demand)
2. Donaeo – Bounce (Instrumental) (Social Circles)
3. TRC – Oo Aa Ee (Moony Tropical Remix)
4. Jaheim – Just In Case (Dub-A-Holics Roller’s Revival Mix Pt.1) (Warner)
5. Redlight – Basscone (Polydor)
6. Misteeq – Why? (UK Garage MC Radio Edit) (Inferno)
7. Redlight – Mosquito (Lobster Boy)
8. Musical Mob – Pulse X (DDJS)
9. X5 Dubs ft. Slick Don – Who Are You Doe (I Ain’t Scared)
10. X5 Dubs – From Dem Ah (We R Bass)
11. Wiley – Eskimo

Grime Second Hour


1. Hitman Hyper & Teeza – Problem (Tenn Music)
2. J Sweet – Kerb (Spooky Remix) (Marxmen Dubs)
3. PJam – Arizona Skys (Harddrive)
4. Scrufizzer – BOOM!
5. PJam – Victorious
6. C4 – Rave!
7. Trends – Punch Bag
8. TC4 – Big Inna Di Manor
9. Neon Beats – Attack VIP (Plainface)
10. K1 – All Nuts (Mixclique)
11. Neon Beats – Ohh Noo! (Mixclique)
12. Discarda & Jammer – Banged Your Head Off The Wall
13. Neon Beats – Alien (Myth Dubz)
14. Spooky & Neon Beats – Nosy Parker RIP (Myth Dubz)
15. Merky Ace & Neon Beats – Easy (Family Tree)
16. DJ Zinc – Go DJ (Bingo)
17. Spooky – Pulse 007
18. Neon Beats – Whiplash 007 (Myth Dubz)

DJ Spinx

1. Darq E Freaker – ROAR (Boogaloo City)
2. Rynsa Man – That’s Nasty (VIP)
3. Depthcharge – Maximise
4. Teeza – Switch (Adamantium Music)
5. Diesle Dpower – Talking About (feat. Discarda)
6. Neon Beats – Attack (Trends Remix) (Plainface)
7. Discarda vs Oddz – Rhyme On Champion VIP (Myth Dubz)
8. ?? – Hoe Remix
9. Jammy – Bussin At Em (Crown Jules)
10. Preditah – Circles (Earth 616)
11. Kozzie & Infa – Cherryade Freestyle
12. Preditah – Attack (Earth 616)
13. Kozzie & Others – Spartan Remix (No Hats No Hoods)
14. Spooky – Lord Of The Hypes (Instrumental) [‘Rude Activity’ Rally Version]
15. K1 – Wumpa Fruit
16. Starkey ft Trim – DPMO (Instrumental) (Slit Jockey Records)
17. Masro – Utter Madnezz (Spooky’s Remix) (Money Notes Records)

Neon Beats – The Attack EP! (Out 1st October)

(The Attack release cover)

Im over the moon to Announce that ‘Neon Beats – The Attack EP’ is out on the 1st of October, on Plain Face Records! Proud of the teams head honcho keeping his work in music priority as always and delivering some firey remix’s from the likes of Moony and Trends.

without gassing up Neon’s release too much, ill keep it short and sweet… This EP is sounding nuts so go and buy that digitally as soon as its released so that you can witness it first hand!

I Hope you enjoy the release when it comes out,
Keep it Mixclique.

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