Who Are You? Cuzzy We’re Mixclique!

So who are Mixclique?

We are a duo consisting of DJ & Producer “Neon Beats” and DJ “Ethic” based in Ipswich. As a Grime DJ, Neon chooses to play a huge range of Grime music with hints of dubstep, mainly spinning a exclusive instrumental frenzy. Ethic focuses mainly on Dubstep and vocal grime, spinning those bangers that you may have just heard or forgot about.

Both of us started DJing back when Grime first formed. In the days of Dizzee’s “I Luv U” and when So Solid crew were tearing up the charts. After hearing those sounds we started listening to the music and getting involved locally with it. We went to different schools but both started buying vinyls and doing sets around the area.

Ethic was running a weekly show on ICR FM (which is now has an official fm licence) and Neon was in a local Crew called “Ear 2 Da Street who were seen by many as a promising young collective. Also Neon was producing remixes of tracks on the RWD Forum and gaining a bit of recognition. From there both of us built on those foundations but we didn’t directly know each other that well.

We met properly around may last year and Neon started producing again after we started to get into Grime music again and what was happening. Everything really kicked off when Neon’s grime instrumental “Gassed Up” was played by DJ Vectra on Rinse FM 4 weeks in a row. From there we thought that we should take music seriously and we started to record professional mixes that would eventually turn into the “Marxman” series and gave us a name. We recorded 5 mixes under that name as well as doing several bookings in and around Ipswich. The highlight being Neon reaching the Semi Final of the Bacardi & Pioneer King Of The Decks DJ Competition and winning a trophy along the way.

Around this time we were getting some recognition so we really set out to get ourselves out there by making a website,email address,Soundcloud,Mixcloud, Twitter accounts and a Facebook page, Anything that would get us followers. We started doing a Ustream radio show which we have had many listeners on.

We have since in 2011 changed the name to Mixclique and have had alot of recent things to build on with our music. DJ’s such as Mak 10,Oilgang,Vectra,Score 5, Selecta Fewie,DJ Sensor,Freeza Chin,J Beatz,Dan Gar Dan,Magnum,Teddy Music,Spooky and many more have been supporting Neon’s instrumentals on stations such as Kiss FM,Rinse FM,Nasty FM and Urbanfmtv.com <http://urbanfmtv.com/>  as well as at events.

Neon has recently worked with Merky Ace and has a track lined up on his new cd out later this year. He also entered Hyperfrank’s Volume Control 5 in which people pick their favourite grime beat from 3 different producers and the winning beat is vocalled by Lady Leshurr, which he won. The track was debuted at 1.30am on 3rd July 2011 on BBC Radio 1 which is Neon’s first mainstream radio play and the video was released on the 4th July 2011. We felt this is something brilliant to build on and we have been planning other ways that we can get involved with Grime music. Ethic is currently focusing on building up the label, working on all the backstage parts including the photography, filming, editing and promotion.

The next avenue for us is to start a new youtube channel and video series by travelling around the UK and filming everyones favourite Grime artists and what they are about. The series is being planned at the moment and we are looking to just show our faces at events in London and speak to people that want to get involved. We already have big names involved such as Spooky (Slew Dem),Dexplicit,P Jam,Dream Mclean,J Beatz and Nee-Hi.

This year  we are focusing on making more Grime music and are trying to line up some future releases. We are starting the new free mixes series under the Mixclique name and have also planned a small clothing range which is stylish and appropriate to what we do.

We are trying to show everybody that even though we are from Ipswich, we can get involved with the scene and we do it because we love grime music. We both have hundreds of Records, DVDs and alot of music from grime’s history. We have been hooked from its early days.

We would like to say thanks very much to anybody currently supporting our music and anyone following and supporting us

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