Mixclique in London Part1

This Thursday (21st July) we took our first trip to London as Mixclique to film for the Mixclique Vision Youtube series. Myself (DJ Ethic), Neon and Nee Hi drove down and stayed at Porchy’s yard…

Friday night we was on the guestlist for the Mz Bratt launch at YOYO’s although we never went in. We got there mega late because Porchy decided it would be better to walk from Oxford Circus to Notting Hill #myth. We saw the que thought raggz we’ll wait but it didnt move! #par wasn’t all bad though as we got to meet Dorsa who hooked up a feature about us on the Urban Development site! So we ducked out from there got some food in Stepney (not recomended to do so 2 days in a row) then hooked up with Elijah and Skilliam after their show on Rinse FM and grabbed the first Mixclique Vision interview. Being it 3 in the morning Elijah was dressed appropriately(you’ll see in the video!) #joketing

Friday myself and Neon hooked up with Khalid from the Up In The Ear blog in central on top of some building to film our first filmed interview together (it will be online soon). We then went on to meet up with Dexplicit at The Chocolate Factory and wrapped up his interview with a few exclusive previews #certifiedmyths and met Lauren Mason outside also (we will be doing a video with her soon too). We then went onto link Spooky in Hackney and wrapped up his interview (most likely to be the first upload). After all this running around we went to link P Jam at his studio for the Blue Magic mixcd listening session and met up with Shystie, Black The Ripper, Rival, Lioness, Ruby Blu and plenty other heads. (The mixcd is a madness by the way!)

So yeah that kinda somes up our trip in a nutshell! We will be reaching London more often so stay locked for the uploads!

Big ups to.. Neon, Nee Hi, Porchy, Khalid, Dexplicit, Lauren Mason, Elijah, Skilliam, Spooky, P Jam, Shystie, Chris, Ruby Blu, Rival and everyone else involved! and the blowjob t shirt guy (you’ll see init haha)

Posted by Lengman Ethic

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