Dot Rotten – Keep It On The Low

Dot Rotten

Hailing from South London, Dot Rotten has to be one of the most innovative artists in grime music and his previous projects in 2009 such as S.O.O.N and Extra Attention were very well received.

It seems like a very long time since we have heard anything major from Dot Rotten other than hood videos until recently when Dot signed with Takeover Entertainment (Who manage Tinchy) after reportedly having five offers on the table. After doing several mixtapes such as S.O.O.N and Extra Attention he finally looks to have his first album project together that he can promote on a much bigger scale. Dot joins Dappy,Giggs,Ruff Squad,Ria Ritchie and Jodie Connor on the label.

The album is going to be called Voices In My Head and Mistajam played the first single from the album called “Keep It On The Low”. The other track that has been heard from his album is the brilliant “Normal Human Being”.

In my opinion I think the type of sound that Dot Rotten creates is perfect for a bigger audience because his lyrics appeal to his previous fans (Flow,Content) and any follower on him will know that his ability to write a hook and produce a instrumental are also his strong points.

I think the album is one of the most anticipated projects from a UK underground artist at the moment and if both Takeover and Dot Rotten have got it right, with good single success, Dot Rotten could quite next be the next one to step up to the mainstream from Grime music.

The single sees Dot providing the usual fast paced and content based lyrics along with a catchy hook and a fantastic production, that I hope is released too.

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