Forthcoming……Darq E Freaker

Darq E Freaker

Here at Mixclique we like to support the producers and DJ’s as well as the mcs and today we have a insight into somebody who is causing a musical problem in the grime scene at the moment.

He is a grime producer formally of New Brand Flexx and most of you will know the infamous track “Next Hype” by Tempz (that was probabely the most remixed grime track in history) which was produced by him.

He goes by the name of Darq E Freaker and after successful releases such as the Horus EP (Avalanche Records) and the brilliant Cherryade (Shouts out to Simon at Oilgang) he is back with new material.

One track you will hear around at the moment is his remix of Clavin Harris & Kelis track “Bounce”. He has taken a track which was not grimey in any sense and added a dubstep/grime style fusion that I think works brilliantly to give it that underground and commercial crossover sound.

The other tracks you will most likely hear are a couple that we have been supporting ourselves which are forthcoming on a brand new EP on Boogaloo City (Shouts out to Blazey). “Roar” is a Mixclique favourite and we look forward to the release.

Post by Neon

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