Mikey J

After hearing the brilliant production last week on Kano & Ghetts track “House Of Pain” I thought it was about time I listened back on some of Mikey J’s material and researched about his previous work.

I stumbled across the recent SBTV Producers House video where he reveals that these days his number one tool for production is the Native Instruments Maschine (Also used by Terror Danjah, PJam, Dexplicit & many more) as well as Logic. Moving on from an Akai MPC and mostly analogue equipment, his sound has progressed over the years since Kano’s “Home Sweet Home”.

Interesting we get an insight as to how some tracks from the album were made and Mikey reveals that some sounds including the infamous Mic Check horns were actually from a Triton Rack (as famous piece of equipment used in studios to produce sounds) as well as the title track “Home Sweet Home”.

The highlight for me though actually comes at 4minutes where he exposes possibly one of my favourite beats ever to be made, by showing us the 4 sounds used from the triton!!!

Watch for yourselves…

Post By Neon

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