2011 For Neon Beats & Mixclique

Looking back on this year i have alot of things to be happy with regarding music.

As a crew mixclique brought grime to the FM waves in ipswich, our own website, started and filmed around 15 episodes of mixclique vision in London, filming big names in the grime scene such as Kozzie, Elijah & Skilliam, Spooky, Dexplicit, PJam, Rival, J Beatz & More. US clothing label “Mishka” labelled our series as essential for “outside of the UK viewers” and we had a feature in IP1 Magazine which highlighted “promoters that don’t let music die”.

Individually the track i did with Lady Leshurr was rated in the top 5 UK vids by Source Magazine, it was featured on websites such as the jump off, rwdmag, hit the floor magazine, BBC Introducing and more. The track was played on Radio One, 1Xtra, Kiss and Rinse + more. The instrumental to that track called “attack” was the first physical release of something I have made. Other tunes/remixes such as Afghan Cherryade + more have featured on various blogs/mixes and have been regularly spun at events and on radio stations under and overground.

Also I did Mixclique Volume One which was a mix online for download and on a limited run of coloured vinyl style cds. The mix was downloaded over 1200 times and featured as a podcast on Grimeforum’s introducing series.

To finish off the year I produced track 9 on an EP from one of the best up and coming talents in the grime scene “Merky Ace”. You can buy that EP on iTunes now.

We have had a very good year and I would like to thank anyone that supports what me and Ethic are doing for grime music, next year you will see us filming more very big names for Mixclique Vision Series 2 and the plans for our first release under Mixclique Records will come very much into place.

Roll On 2012

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