Butterz & Hardrive @ Cable,London 24th Of March + Short Review

Butterz & Hardrive @ Cable, London On 24th Of March 

Butterz & Hardrive have returned with the Butterz-camp CEO Elijah and of course Skilliam aswell, also accompanied by the busy man DJ/Producer Terror Danjah representing ‘Hardrive’. But this time they have come back with the likes of Boy Better Know founder JME and the smash hit ‘Full Attention’s’ vocalist Ruby Lee Ryder to perform along with them. This is defiantly a highly anticipated event so grab your tickets and prepare yourself for  for a night where all your entertainment needs will be blown out of the water.

The following DJ’s, and MC’s/Singers will be attending:
 JME, Terror Danjah, Ruby Lee Ryder, Royal-T, Elijah & Skilliam, Swindle, D.O.K, DJ Champion And Marcus Narsty.

You can buy your Early Bird tickets over at http://butterz.tv/

If you want just a taster of what to expect from the 24th @ Cable London then here is a clip of what happened last time butterz & hardrive mashed up the dance:

(Review Posted By @BigDeann)
(Video By ‘butterzscrapbook’) 

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