Rude Kid feat. Skepta – Get Busy

Grime producer Rude Kid who we know from hard hittings productions such as ‘Electric’ and the forthcoming banger ‘Summer’ has recently signed to Relentless Records (A division of Sony, well known to Grime fans for bringing us ‘Pow’.

Get busy sees a dubstep drop and the traditional break drum pattern with a sample from a well known dance track (that I can’t remember the name of) and Skepta providing the bars. I think the track will definitely get a high chart position.

After signing the question everybody had was, what will be the first thing we will hear after this deal? So, Rude Kid has obviously been hard at work in the studio and this track is definitely aimed for the clubs and dubstep fans.

As much as I appreciate any producer has to change their style when aiming for a particular market, I was very glad to see Rude Kid tweet that even though he had signed a deal, he wouldn’t stop making grime music.

In my opinion the instrumental called ‘Summer’ that Logan has been battering for months now is one of the best grime beats in years and it goes to show that Rude Kid really stands up there as one of the grime greats when it comes to producers. Now we have to wait until summer drops.

Post by Neon

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