BigDeann #GrimeyMondays Interview #1 – Teeza!

BigDeann Interviews Teeza For Mixclique – #GrimeyMondays Interview #1

In this post myself (BigDeann) will be interviewing a Grime Producer/Mc from London who is doing a LOT right now and has been for a very long time in the scene! He goes by the name of Teeza! He made a track back in 2011 with Fire Camp, Lady Leshurr & Scrufizzer called ‘Move’ over the instrumental ‘Bounce’ which was a smash hit in the UK scene not just Grime, and is a house hold tune for a lot of people. He has worked with everyone from Dot Rotton to Lethal bizzle and is very well known for his old Eski Riddim remix’s and his hard hitting Grime style.

I will be catching up with Teeza to find out with what he’s doing right now, also to see how he made it so far ahead in the scene now & what he’s got coming up for us in 2012.
So enough of me, now lets get into this! Enjoy!

– Ok so lets jump straight in Teeza. Would you like to tell the people about yourself, for those who dont know much about you.

Sure. For those that don’t, I’m an spiring London based producer. West London to be precise. Been doing music for quite some time but started to get more into the scene from late 2009 onwards. I’ve had quite a few collaborations with notable artists such as Dot Rotten, JME, Sway, Giggs. Just to name a few. A lot of people will recognize me as of recent for an instrumental released last year on called Bounce which came out on Logan Sama’s label (Earth 616). I’ve featured on a few radio stations such as kiss 100, BBC 1xtra and Asian Network. You can find a lot of my material on the net so just google the name and your boune to find links to my twitter, soundcloud, youtube and so on.

– You used to Mc about 3 years ago and stopped, and you have recently started again. Why did you have a break from the mic? & What made you want to start up again?

To be honest I just lost the inspiration for it, for various reasons but throughout that time people were constantly nagging me to get back on it. They felt I was as good as anyone else in the scene, if not better so I don’t wanna let them down and I also miss doing it. I’ve performed on stage and radio various times and I can say the energy you get from it is something I’d like to experience again more often so now is the time.

– Who are your favourite Grime Producers & Mc’s? & What’s your favourite Grime song/songs of all time?

Wow, there is quite a few! To name some that always come to mind would have to be Wizzbit – Jam Hot and also Midnite. I remember hearing Midnite on Ruff Squad set in 2003 and the vibe was unexplaniable. Super gassed! I couldn’t wait to play it back in school on my cassette tape. I was the man for sets in school (lol). Eskimo of course, Dj Marsta – Fibre, Plastic Man – Cha VIP, couple Geenius beat that I still don’t know the name of to this day, Dizzee Rascal – Hoe, JME – Skate Park & Blue Portal, Skepta – Meridian, Rapid – Pied Piper & loads of Rapid’s and Dirty Dangers stuff. There’s a whole bunch of classics that I loved, I’d be here all day naming em!

– Recently you have released a lot of new music e.g Temix EP, Bounce Remix/VIP EP & More, But just instrumental based releases. Any plans for a release with vocal’s from you or anyone else even?

Yeah, definitely. I wont say what I’m doing myself vocally but I’m writing. What I can tell is I have an EP coming up with Lioness, 1 with an aritist you’ll be hearing about called Direman which is 90% done. Just finished a mixtape with a rapper named Chomp. Looking to get an EP done with Kwam also, which is long over due and just trying to get more vocal tracks done with various artists in the UK scene.

– Some artists are influenced by the genre’s of music they listen to or the what artists they listen to. What music do you listen to in your spare time and does it effect your production at all?

I mostly listen to HipHop and R&B. I also listen to Bashment/Reggae as well, some Rock, Soul, Gospel and Electronic music. Some bits of Pop too, as long as its not complete bollox. I like various sounds, from your standard melodic, melow or hype and gritty beats to your really trippy offbeat sounding beats. Stones Throw are one of my various labels as well as Hyperdub. The sounds I hear from those sides really get me thinking a lot. I’m very open minded when it comes to music, I have been for quite sometime which is why when you hear some of my beats you can’t always tell that I made them because I never attempt to do the same things over and over. That jars me, it would be like listening to just 1 genre.

– You looking to bus mainstream anytime soon?

I’m just looking to make music like I always have done. My sound will always develop and I will continue to learn and strive to get better. I would like to make an income from doing this because its what I love doing more than anything but I suppose if a track I produce goes mainstream then it is what it is. As for trying to go mainstream, that’s never the plan. I just want my music heard across the world, period.

– I gota ask about the track you did with Fire Camp, Lady Leshurr & Scrufizzer, how did such a massive collab come about?

I think the buzz the instrumental of Bounce generated just caught a few ears in the scene, one being Lethal B. He asked for the beat, Scrufizzer initially did a vocal of it but it kinda went under the radar. So did the beat for that matter, a lot of people were sleeping. Always seems to happen in the Fickle scene were in. Anyway I sent over the beat and the rest was history. I’ve known Leshurr for quite some time and Fizzer is one of my good mates from quite a few years back so it all made sense.

– You announced about a month ago that you will be releasing an EP called ‘The Setup EP’ on the 2nd of March released on DJ Cable’s Label,Triangulum records. Explain the concept behind it.

On my part, there wasn’t really a concept, I guess for Cable there was which is quite evident in the sound. He selected the 4 tracks and I was happy to go with it. Shawn davey (I believe is his name) designed the cover and it all fit nicely with the overall sound and name. One of the beats on the EP is called The Set Up. I did have a visual in mind when I made it, would love to make a video to it also. For now that’s it, 4 banging, dark, electronic beats. All very different but on the same kind of wave, so make sure you also go purchase it on the 2nd and continue to support good music!

– A few Producers such as Terror Danjah have been making smash hit grime singles with female vocalists and getting a massive response and alote of love from other genre’s. Would you be interested in doing that or have you got plans to do so?

I’ve always wanted to, just finding the right singers and getting studio. But things are coming together now so yeah hopefully you’ll be hearing some of that from me. That side of Grime has been missing for quite some time and I feel it needs a come back.

– Any under the radar Producers you want to tell the people about?

Off the top of my head;
TruOmega, Rocks, Darkos, Relly, TRC, CRT Swifta, Chillz, Darkness, Gamer, Komenz, J1, Relly. Can’t think of anymore at the moment but there’s a lot of young guys coming up from all corners.

Thanks for doing this interview bro, us guy’s over at MixClique look forward to seeing Teeza’s successful year ahead.

Teeza’s Twitter @teezamusic

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