Mixclique Flashback 1 – Blazin FM – DJ Vader, Crazy Titch, Kidz in the hood, Trim, Scratchy, Ghetto, Discarda

The first Mixclique Flashback is one of my favourite sets from grime and one of the hypest sets I’ve ever heard.

Blazin FM – DJ Vader, Crazy Titch, Kidz in the hood, Trim, Scratchy, Ghetto, Discarda

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?v098aqh0m45sn7c

This set sees a hungry “Crazy Titch” gaining reloads galore with the singlong bars accompanied by fellow Kids In The Hood who were then gaining exposure through Titch “Delusion & Vortex”.A MC who at the time was starting to gain alot of hype around clashing Bashy “Ghetto” lacing the set as well as Roll Deep’s Scratchy,Trim and associate Discarda passing through.

DJ Vader spins a selection of filthy beats that suit the aggression of Titch, Ghetts & Discarda to a tee and also this a reminder that back then it was very much a bootleg and vinyl scene with DJ Vader spinning some tracks that I think its fair to say have never seen the light of day.

The reason why I love this set is that at the time grime was going through a stage where everybody realised that the reason we loved this music is because it was totally uncensored and raw. 

Highlight Moments:

1. 4mins 49 seconds – “Discarda” – The legendary beat by DJ Mondie “Straight” gets teared apart by Discarda & Delusion.

2. 6 Minutes – “Ghetts” – Just as we can hear Vader mixing in a special dub of Davinche’s “Eyes On U” instrumental, Ghetts steps up to the mic and sprays the infamous “My Nine Works” lyric followed by “Fuck It” and then Titch jumps in “I Can See You”…………Wheel.

3. 8 Minutes 30 – A young MC who was then coming through at the time called “Vortex” steps up to the mic “I’ve got a new gat, you never knew that, face I’l screw that, hold on, Vortex will stick you up like blue tack”

4. 9 Minutes 17 – Titch goes nuts…………………..

Keep it locked for the next Mixclique Flashback…..

Post By @Neonbeats

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