Mixclique Flashbacks – A Journey Through Grime

Thought I’d start doing this as you may know we have been listening and spinning grime music since 2002 times. In the history of grime there has been many historic moments as we have seen the rise of many of todays stars from a scene that started in the tower blocks of London where hungry mc’s fought for the mic to voice their hype based lyrics.

Grime has always been energetic, fresh and uncensored, the beats often bass orientated and the lyrics ranging from someones personal struggles to threats about a lyrical competitor. Mc’s would travel to radio stations at any opportunity and DJ’s would risk a brush with the law by going to these locations that were often way out of the reach of anyones imagination on top of tower blocks high away from any prying eyes and it is here that some of grimes greatest moments have arisen.

We love grime music and in Mixclique Flashbacks we will highlight some of our favourite moments/music over the years and there are some truly memorable moments. Enjoy the journey of Mixclique Flashbacks…..

Post By @Neonbeats

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