BigDeann #GrimeyMondays Interview #2 – Spooky Bizzle!

BigDeann Interviews Spooky For Mixclique – #GrimeyMondays Interview #2

(Spooky Bizzle)

In this post myself (BigDeann) will be asking the infamous Grime producer ‘Spooky Bizzle’ a few questions.
If you dont know about Spooky yet, where have you been?! He has made hit after hit and worked with various artists from the Grime scene, just to name a few. P Money, Blacks, Merky Ace, Flirta D, and many many more. He also produced the smash hit ‘Spartan’ with a very successful artist called Kozzie, that was later remixed with all the top artists from the ‘new wave’ and was voted by the grime awards, ‘Grime single of 2010’.

– Okay first up would you like to tell the people who don’t know who you are a little bit about yourself.

For those that do not know, I am DJ Spooky. Also a producer and CEO of Ghost House Records.

– Why the name ‘Spooky’? Any reason in particular?

I tried out a couple names at first, didn’t like them, came across Spooky and it stuck with me from 2002 onwards.

– Did you ever stop to think how big the track ‘Spartan’ was going to be from the original vocal (originally called ‘Destruction’)?

At first you don’t think about it when you make it. But when you see people erupting and you got MC’s left, right and centre and mainstream DJ’s hounding you down for it, then your mind changes and you then start to think it’s doing a lot.

– You have been producing music for many years now, but the first time you got some recognition was with a track called ‘Joyride’ back in 2006 released by Slew Dem Productions on vinyl as an EP. How long would you say you were producing before that?

Before ‘Joyride’ I wasn’t seriously producing like that but you could say 2003 was the absolute beginning the production side of things so 3 years.

– You have kept it underground with your production and collab’s your whole career, and have been nothing but be true and monumental to the Grime scene over the years. Could you ever see yourself making any sort of UKG tune that will bus mainstream?

Could do. There’s no one to tell me what I can and can’t do within other genres and still be true to grime and giving it the full 100%.

– As everyone knows you were brought up in the Slew Dem crew from a very young age, unfortunately you have all gone your separate ways and some of you seem to have disappeared. What happened to the producer ‘Waifer’? and Also is their any signs of ANY of the Slew Dem members coming back as a group?

Slew Dem are still there. Just because the majority of us are not around like that these days don’t mean we can’t go solo or go our own path then come back into it. As for Waifer, the door is always open for him to return to producing grime music.

– Do you have an all time favourite Grime riddim(s)?

Waifer’s ‘Grime’ riddim. No other self-titled grime riddim can match Waifer’s one.

– What’s you all time favourite Grime Production(s)?

I do have my top 5 and that’s Eskimo, Creeper, Pulse X, I Luv U and Hoe.

– Who are your favourite Mc’s and Producers?

D Double E is my favourite MC. Producer-wise, everyone has their own style about them so I can’t really pin-point one producer as my favourite.

– Its been long awaited, you are finally releasing music on your ‘Ghost House’ label and at a very consistent rate. What was the reason for you not doing this sooner because you have had the label a long time now? and what have you got forthcoming on the label or on other labels at the moment?

Before any paperwork got sorted out, it was just there. Just a name. Now the paperwork has been sorted, releases can start flowing and now we can maintain a steady flow of grime music. All that’s forthcoming at the moment has to stay under wraps though.

– You have a very distinct, hard hitting style which is what you are very well know for. Any artists you would say influence that in your music at all?

I draw my influences from anything and anywhere at any time or people could throw ideas at me and try those out as well.

– Right, i’m glad to say you have finally announced you will be releasing ‘A Bag Of Myths EP’ Volume 3 next month and also you will be re-releasing ‘Fresh Out Of The Box EP’ 1 + 2 which i just finished up the artwork on. Explain in detail.

It’s been a while since I threw out some myths for free so just decided last week to throw out Volume 3. As for the ‘Fresh Out The Box’ project, it needed the re-release with fresh artwork. My artwork designing attempts are crap.

– Any big collaborations lined up soon? (Mc’s/Producers/Vocal’s)

Working on 2-3 collabs with a few producers at the moment. Singers and MC’s are working at their own speed via the hard shoulder so is there really any point me bigging them up?

– And Finally, anything else you want to tell the people about any other releases/projects coming up for Spooky or what the people can got out and cop now?

GH 004 drops in April and that will be a Spooky one. GH 003 aka the Apocalypse EP by K1 is out Monday 27th Feb (Today). Lord Of The Hypes (by Discarda & M.I.K), The Power Of 16, Mind The Gap (by Rossi B & Luca), the Allstars EP (feat. Deset, Moony, myself Spooky & Teeza) and the Rusty Bell EP are all out now. If you guys are lucky, I might release most of the remix projects I have done on one album.

Its been nice having a catch up with you Spook, and we know your going to make the Grime Scene even stronger with the years to come!

Twitter: BigDeann
Twitter: SpookyBizzle
Facebook: SpartanSpooky

(Up Coming Releases & Releases Featuring Spooky/Ghost House Records)

(Posted By @BigDeann)

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