BigDeann #GrimeyMondays Interview #3 – K1

BigDeann #GrimeyMondays Interview #3 – K1 

In this post myself (BigDeann) will be talking to a Wolverhampton producer that has had a lot of people talking this last year, he is the newest member of a crew called ‘Invasion’, a man who goes by the name of K1 and i will be asking him a few questions!
K1 is a Grime producer who has been quite unknown for a long time and has finally been recognised for the talent he has as an artist. Infact, you may recognise some of his beats from a few clashes on the ‘Lord Of The Mics III’ Dvd.
So, without anymore mucking about, let’s dive into it!

– I first heard of you around the time you released your version of Dexplicit’s ‘Bullacake’ and the VIP. But obviously that was around a year ago, i know you’ve been around for longer than that. How long have you been producing and did you start off Grimey?

I’ve been producing since March 2009, I did start off as a grime producer for a very brief period of time but the majority of the first 2 years of my producing career saw me making bassline/4×4 and just getting to grips with software and developing my sound, etc.

– Also when would you say you started getting recognition in the Grime scene?

I started getting recognition in my home town for working with Full Force Ent on tunes like ‘Superstar’ featuring Webster, Sox & Brutal and doing several other things with them as a team but I think my recognition came from putting out lots of free beats, sending instrumentals to DJ’s like Big Mikee, DJ Free, Spooky & DJ Blizzard and getting them played on radio stations, pushing my sound through DJ’ing myself, working with MC’s on tracks etc… Just putting the work in I guess really lol

– You’ve recently become a member of a very popular Grime crew called ‘Invasion’. Its quite a big thing to see people joining crews as it doesn’t happen to much these days. How did this come about?

I was in Full Force Ent for 2 years (Dec 2009 – Dec 2011) but left unfortunately due to disagreements. I planned to work solo as a grime producer and focus on releasing instrumental EP’s and do the odd project with MC’s but after a month passed working solo DJ Free from Invasion started talking to me about joining Invasion. After putting a lot of thought into it I made the decision to join despite being just over a month from leaving Full Force Ent.

– What do you draw influence from when you are making music?

I draw a lot of influence from old school grime producers, especially Alias. I also listen to a lot of recent grime producers such as Spooky, Preditah & Swifta Beater to name a few. I listen to all genre of music apart from any kind of rock. I can also find myself influenced by life.

– What’s your favourite thing to do in your spare time from working?

Just kick it.

– Ghost House Records recently just released its third release ‘K1 – Apocalypse EP’. How did all this happen? and what’s the response been like?

The response has been amazing! I’ve even had people tweet pictures of them downloading the EP from iTunes which was crazy support.

– Who is your favourite producer(s) of all time and why?

I would probably have to say Enigma Dubz. He makes every kind of music and does it so well his sound is really on point. Check him out on

– What kind of setup do you have? & what are you the things you couldn’t live without when spending time making a riddim?

At the moment I’m on an old acer laptop hooked up to a pair of Yamaha HS80s. I always have food when making riddims most of the time it’s biscuits they are essential!

– Have you got any singles (vocalled) forthcoming with Invasion? or any other people even?

Yes! You can probably catch Hitman’s K1 produced anthem “Ding Dong” on a radio station near you the track is about and should see a release further in the year. We’ve already got a huge remix in the pipeline featuring some huge MC’s from around the country so watch out for that! Let’s just say that you can expect a lot of Invasion Alert based projects produced by K1 this year.

– A lot of producers recently are collaborating with each other on big tunes, guys such as Faze Miyake, Terror Danjah, Teddy, Spyro & a few others. Are you planning any collaborations with producers any time soon? or have you done any you can announce for us?

Yes! CRT is another Wolverhampton based producer who I work with quite regularly compared to other producers, I’ve remixed his “Venom” instrumental and there is also a CRT remix of my “Courvoisier” instrumental to look out for. I also have an instrumental EP planned with the dubstep producer Skinzmann which should be something different for people who like my music. Last and definitely not least is the producer Mister Snowman who makes up the other half of the producers in Invasion Alert so you can expect some collaborations from us too.

– You have been rather consistent with your work rate this last year or so with releases such as ‘Donation EP 1+2’ & then the special edition. What other projects have you got coming up? Personally i feel you need more music that should be purchased, rather than giveaways.

The plan was to get myself out there by putting out lots of free instrumentals just to give myself a presence in the scene as a producer and with that done I think I’m in a position now to start putting out products for people to buy such as the “Apocalypse EP”. I can’t really say what projects I’ve got coming up in the foreseeable future but just know it’s going to be Invasion Alert.

– Anything else you want to throw out their for the people to know or what else there is left for you in 2012.

The best way you can keep up with my movements is to follow me on twitter and to hear what sounds I’m coming out with follow me on soundcloud.

Twitter – @K1_Invasion
Soundcloud –

Thanks for taking some of your own time to have a talk with Mixclique K1. We hope that we can do this again in the future with even more good news bruv!

(Posted By @BigDeann)

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