BigDeann #GrimeyMondays Interview #4 – Direct!

BigDeann Interviews Direct For Mixclique – #GrimeyMondays Interview #4

In this post myself (BigDeann) will be talking to a Bassline/Garage/Grime producer that goes by the name of Direct!
Let go straight into it. 

– First up bro for all the people who aren’t aware of what you have done or who you are, would you like to tell the people a little about yourself.

I’m a 17 year old music producer from up north, Sheffield. I make UK Garage sounds or ‘UK Bass’. My main genres are Grime & Bassline but I produce anything at 140 beats per minute and have been known to experiment with sounds like Hip-hop and dubstep.

– Is their anyone right now that you may be working side by side or will be in the future? whether it be producers, vocalist’s or Mc’s?

On the colab side of things I’ve got a couple projects going on. You may have heard of a producer called J.G, he’s made a lot of noise with his bassline and now making movements with #SCUMFAM on a grime flex. Me and him have plans for a joint grime release with some of sheffields finest mc’s in the future but we’re both trying to do our solo thing as well so thats something which will just be ‘there’ until the times right. I’ve also got plans to collaborate with T-Dogg from my RTD family so keep your eyes out for that stuff.

– Who is you favourite artist of any genre to listen to?

My favourite grime / hip-hop artists are guys like Newham Generals, Skepta, Labrinth, Tinie Tempah, the only american rappers I really rate are guys like Drake, Wiz Khalifa etc and the legends like Tupac & Biggie of course. I couldn’t pick 1 artist in particular in any genre but I always have favourites.

– By now im sure you know as just as much as everybody else about the conflict Trilla’s involved with Sox & Devilman in. What do you think about the whole situation & do you want to comment about it?

Firstly I’d like to say the whole Trilla & Sox clash situation is good for Birmingham… They’ve got 2 of their biggest MC’s clashing off the back of Lord of the Mics III and its created a lot of hype in the scene even outside of brum. Im not going to throw out my personal views but I rate both artists for different reasons and Im enjoying seeing the whole thing pan out!

– What do you have in your set up right now to make beats at your level?

My studio setup is pretty straight forward, I’ve got a 24inch iMac with Reason and Logic both installed, A midi-keyboard which sits inside a draw underneath my iMac and a pair of MISSION speakers. These are some important components to having a good setup but you also need a sound-card and stuff.

– You released the ‘Mario Bros EP’ earlier in 2011 any you had a massive response from a lot of genre’s across the UKG scene including Grime, to name one of the main ones. How would you say the response to that was like for you?

The Mario Bros hype was great for me, It opened a lot of doors. It was the first time I saw my music really played on a nation-wide scale and the first time one of my tunes ‘Blew up’ so to speak, so that was really inspiring too. DJ EZ, Cameo, DJ Q and Teddy Music amongst the names to support the release. Something that you probably don’t know is that the original Mario Bros. beat (the same one Spooky & J69 remixed) that I made was my first ever attempt at grime!!

– What plug ins do you tend to use on when making a beat? and what are your favorites?

Most of the time I don’t use Plug-ins, unless I want a really specific ‘beefy’ sound. For the most part I create my own sounds through Reason’s devices. Obviously I have favourites but unfortunately Im not going to reveal them in this particular interview ;).

– You have done a couple tunes with Trilla recently that you have put clips of on your soundcloud page, have you got plans to be releasing some sort of collab project or something else with him?

No plans to release a collab project with Trilla as of yet, even though I’d be up for it! Trilloski is one of my favourite artists from the UK so it would be good to work with him more definitely. Just keep your eyes and ears on the look out because theres a good possibility that there could be some more music from Direct and Trilla.

– Have you got anything you would like to announce about any forthcoming releases or is it all ‘hush hush’ right now for you?

Yeah, It’s pretty much all ‘hush hush’ at the moment with the word on future releases because I don’t want to make any promises I cant keep so we’ll see, I plan to release another grime EP around summer time although I’m not sure which label that will be on.

– I have known you for a little while now and you have spoken to me not so long ago saying your building up your fanbase in the grime scene now, as you are making a lot of grime now. Will your new EP ‘Zoots, Beats & Progress’ show this work rate? will it be instrumental ect?

Well hopefully the new EP out on march 18th will show the increased work rate that I’ve put into grime, but this EP is more me saying, this is how my sounds progressed over the last year or so, here’s some music to buy, watch out for more!! But yeah the EP is 6 tracks deep, 5 grime instrumentals with 1 bassline track with Tez Kidd and Asher from BODR on there. The bassline tune on there is also the only bassline track on Tez Kidd’s latest CD ‘The Paradigm Shift’ which has had some good reviews.

– Your also a Web Developer for ‘Flush Media UK’. Do you do work for anybody else that may be looking for your skills elsewhere? & if so how can they contact you?

Yes, I do freelance web development and design work for clients in the UK, US and Europe. If people are interested in Website systems or designs then do not hesitate to contact me on

– Any last things you want to tell the people before i draw this interview to a close?

Just keep looking out for my new music, and thanks to the people that are supporting my music. Follow me on twitter @DirectUKG and remember my first solo grime release is out March 18th on iTunes, Amazon, Juno etc and its called Zoots, Beats & Progress EP! Oh yeah and you can also follow me on

Thanks for talking to us guys here at Mixclique bruv and we’ll be watching your big year ahead for the big movements your making.

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