BigDeann #GrimeyMondays Interview #5 – TRC!

BigDeann Interviews TRC For Mixclique – #GrimeyMondays Interview #5

In this #GrimeyMondays post myself (BigDeann) will be talking to a producer who has been known in the UKG scene for quite a few years now, he hails from the bassline scene and over the years has made a collective of different genre’s (e.g Garage/Hip-Hop/Grime/Baseline). He goes by the name of TRC!
 Let’s dive straight into the interview then.

– First up for the few people who haven’t heard of TRC, explain who you are and what you do.

I’m a 23 year old producer from the Midlands currently trying to dabble in every genre lol but known for UKG/Bassline/4×4 etc. I’ve been producing since I was 17 years old.

– You were suppost to be doing an EP collaboration with one of UKG’s finest producers ‘Royal-T’ titled the ‘Music & Sex EP’ and alote of people were excited by the Perfect Garage link up. The EP from my knowledge was ready for release, so what happened with that?

Me and Royal got caught up in our own project’s and never got round to completing it but its still in the lurk. It didn’t help that I put the ‘Sex’ instrumental on the first Leak E.P either which was a bit of a silly move, but still, no reason why we can’t finish it off now!

– On the subject of collaboration’s, a lot of producers started collaborating together on tracks last year apart from the Royal-T collab we know about, have you been involved in any others?

I recently dropped an E.P (Leak 2) which had collaborations with me boys S-X & Teeza. I also started messing about on a beat with Swindle today.

– Mixclique’s very own Neon Beats asks: ‘What was your favourite remix of you smash hit ‘Oo Aa Ee’? and is their any more plans for some vinyl releases from yourself?’

There are so many remixes, and so many big ones as well, I heard Q playing a bad UKG mix of it I’m not even sure who made it! Would love to know haven’t even got it myself! lol!

– Who is you favourite Mc/vocalist right now? and why?

There’s so much talent in the UK I’m not even too sure.

– Most producers talk about how essential it is to have a a decent set up when making beats. would you agree? and what sort of equipment do you have in your set up?

It is good to have a good set up, but a lot of producers make the mistake of going out and spending heap’s of cash on hardware and programs, when sometimes all you need is a laptop with a few decent VST’s, thats all I use at the minute.

– Another thing producers talk about being essential is food & drink, are you one of them guys? if so what sort of stuff do you need?

My eating regime is awful when I’m in the studio, I tend to eat a lot of junk or eat at silly times lol, so I try to stay active and maintain a healthy diet.

– You are known quite well in the Grime scene, even though your production is more on the lines of Garage/Baseline. What do you think made this recognition happen?

The ‘Oo Aa Ee’ instrumental gave me a big push, with it being supported by people like EZ, DVA, Spyro, Cameo, JJ, Terror Danjah, etc was a massive look, shortly followed up by the release with Butterz after speaking with Elijah, of the VIP mix & ‘Skipping Rope’ instrumental which Wiley spun on a set. Another grime instrumental called Bandit was floating around too which got massive support as well, and got the pleasure of being destroyed by Boy better know & OGs on a set after JJ played it on Rinse.

– Have you got any forthcoming releases coming soon that you can talk about? (Singles, remix’s ect.)

I don’t really like to talk too much about what’s going to happen, I’d rather just let it happen 🙂

– By now im sure you know about this whole Trilla, Sox & Devilman beef situation. As a some one from Birmingham & from the same genre’s as these guys (Bassline/Grime) would you like to ‘air your view’? do you think they will clash?

They will clash eventually, when the times right. There is a lot on the line for both artists, and this clash is very personal, its not a fix.

– What is your favourite song(s) of all time?

Not too sure but D’angelo – Dreamy Eyes (J Dilla Mix) springs to mind, or Erykah Badu – Feeling High.

– Any big vocalled collaboration’s in the bag that you might want tell us about?


– Mixclique’s ‘DJ Ethic’ & ‘Neon Beats’ would like to know if you would consider doing a guest mix for their radio show on or pass through the show any time?

Definitely in future.

– And finally, is their anything else you would like to tell the people about TRC? (what else you got going on, how to contact you, previous releases. ect)

Stay locked! And I hope I don’t disappoint haha..

It’s been a pleasure speaking to you TRC as i follow your music and so do all of us guys here at Mixclique. We will definitely be keeping an eye out for you and your up coming music.

(Posted By @BigDeann)

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