BigDeann’s #GrimeyMondays Interview #7 – Young D (Skelecta)

– first up, some people might not yet know about you so would you like to tell everyone a bit about yourself and what you do

I am Young D , also known as Skelecta in some genres. I’m a DJ / Producer but DJ before anything !

– You being a DJ who seems to know his stuff, what mixing program would you recommend for any one who already DJ’s or is looking to move into it?
and what is your favourite mixing software?

I don’t tend to use any form of DJ’ing programme I’ve always either had to use vinyl or CDJ or even vinyl CDJ and that’s what I started with so I never steered away towards programmes like Serato and that!

– From what i see on twitter, your always updating your tweets with stuff like ‘just finishing off this beat’ or ‘gota finish these tunes by the end of the night’. We’ve got to be expecting some sort of release from you soon, haven’t we?

Yeah man ! At the moment it’s mainly Dubstep releases because that’s where I’ve been getting the most support , from plays on 1Xtra to supporting the likes of Chase And Status and being part of the Lord Of The Mics 3 tour ! I’ve got my first very well supported Dubstep release coming on the 7th of may (Creepy Crawlies & Hurricane) but then as “Skelecta” I’ve been making more deeper chilled tunes forthcoming on Audio Rejectz and Four40 Records. With grime there isn’t too many labels about for me to push music on but with saying that I have just released my remix of Sukh Knight – Slang Like This on DJ Spooky’s “Bag Of Myths 3” .Hopefully that opens up more doors for me in grime so I can keep on making and putting out more of the music I love and started with!

– You say that under the name ‘Skelecta’ you make darker/deeper music. What genre’s does Skelecta tend to steer towards? or even what depths of a genre does it breach into?

As Young D , I tend to steer more towards the upbeat “filthy / tearout” Dubstep , so as Skelecta I make the more darker/ old school dubstep sounds , future garage and more minimal forms of music. I basically make all other forms of electronic dance music under Skelecta because everybody expects either dirty dubstep . jump up drum and bass or hyped grime from me as Young D and I like to work outside of the box.

– What is your favourite Grime tune at the moment? and what is your favourite Dubstep tune at the moment?

Ahh shit this is a hard one ! I haven’t locked into Logan’s show for so long but the most recent grime tune I’ve heard that’s caught my attention was C4 – Off Track and for Dubstep I’d say it has to be Foreign Beggars & Eddie K – LDN or Trampa – No Mery or Trampa – Roll Out !

– Obviously by now i’ve spoke to many producers through doing these interviews over the months, so i know that everyone of them draw influence from everything.
Also what/who are you influenced by when making music or when you are being a DJ at sets?

For producing , because I make such a wide range of sounds whether it’s Dubstep , Dark dubstep or Future Garage I take influence from alot of producers! Producers like Funtcase , Trampa , Skream , Joy Orbinson , Jack Steadman , Burial , Jamie XX , Dark Elixir , Pangae ,SBTRKT ,3rd Eye LDN , Joker ,Trolley Snatcha , Dot Rotten, Dream , Vandera, KLRGRM, Sukh Knight, Benton , Breakage , Last Japan and heaps more!

With performing I like to keep my sets energetic I think that came from watching alot of videos of Rusko and Funtcase performing when I first started making “Tearout” dubstep.

– You recently had a track released on Spooky’s infamous ‘Bag Of Myths 3’. How did that link up come about?

I sent Spooky a couple tunes last June (My remix of Chase And Status – Eastern Jam & Sukh Knight – Slang Like This) and he was really feeling them ,then a week later I met him at an event called “Don’t Call me Urban” where he gave me a vinyl copy of the first Bag Of Myths EP ,.From then we talked and obviously with the the Slang Like This remix being a refix in the same style as his remix of Sukh Knight – Born Invincible (and the fact True Tiger didn’t wanna do anything with the remix ) he decided to include it on the EP.

– How long have you been producing & DJ’ing? i first heard of you back when you made the refix/bootleg of Chase & Status’ modern classic ‘Eastern Jam’ just on soundcloud randomly, so i think i might of been late.

I’ve only been producing for about 4/5 years , it came about when my friend Clixx showed me FL Studio (Fruity Loops) and at the time he was making some maddd grime beats so I thought “yeahh I wanna start doing that” . I then started working with a grime producer called Flash G who also helped alot ! I then steered away to the darker side of grime (the whole Dot Rotten deep bass sound) where I started working with the likes of Rotten Riddems through a Producer called Prez / Mr President . That dark / heavy bass style is what let me to dubstep in like 08 after hearing Plastician and Skepta – Intesive snare , Benga – World War 7 and D1 – Sorrow.

– I’ve been asking this in all my interviews recently but its a good question worth asking. A lot of producers across genres like Dubstep, Grime and even Funky are are collaborating. Is that something you are planning to do or have got in the works?

Yeah I’ve got a couple collabs lined up or finished , I recently done a remix of Proton (Fourstar)’s vocal of Teeza’s – Bounce VIP , it goes offf every time I play it live ! I’m still yet to play it without wheeling it up haha. As Skelecta I’m currently producing an EP for a singer named Tamara Byrne and producing a couple tunes for a up and coming vocal-list named Elliot Marshall and have another remix coming for a BIG singer named Leddra Chapman who I remixed back in 2010.

– If you could have ANY 5 music artists, from ANY genre’s, all in one studio. Who would they be? and why (mc, vocallist, producer, producer, just anyone from music)

I’d most want to work in studio with Jamie XX (Future Garage producer / does the drum beats for the band “The XX”) , Dot Rotten (as a producer and vocal-list) , Funtcase / Haze (One of the most versatile dubstep producers out there , he can make the dirtiest bass tearing sounds as Funtcase to the deepest tunes as Haze), SBTRKT and J Cole (as a producer and vocallist) .

– A lot of producers i have spoke to tend to have studio essentials such as things link alcohol, food or even certain equipment they cant work without. Do you have any studio essentials and what are they?

I’ve never really thought about it but thinking back I always have a pint glass to my left and the carton of Iced Tea to my right.

– Have you ever considered being an MC or ever tried?

Funnily enough I started off as a grime MC ! I was heavily influenced by all the big South London names (at the time) like Young Dot (Dot Rotten) , Roadside G’s , NDoubleA (Flamer , L – Man, Big Narst, Solo and Y.O. (Youngs Teflon) ) and Essentials so it was hyped 8 bar repeats in the beginning lol . Then I started spitting with other MC’s I knew from going to a youth club in pimlico randomly and then ended up on sets with the likes of DJ Merciless and Age Iz Nuffin , DJ Dangardan (N Double A ) and the next grime wave. By 09 I realised it weren’t going anywhere because I didnt have the drive or workrate for it so I stepped down to just producing and mixing (I was doing all 3 at one point) .

– and finally, anything else you want to add to that i might not have asked about or information you might want to get out?

Big Up everybody I’m working with , Big up all the fans/ supporters ! Big up all the DJ’s spinning my tunes !


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