Large up SB.TV hitting an INSANE 100 million views on youtube! Smokey Bars CEO Jamal and the rest of the SB team made a wise decision returning to their routes with this Boy Better Know cyper!

Every single person from BBK in the freestyle goes in with brand new bars, Grimey flows and no breaks. JME starts it off with his fucked bars partly in french like how he did years ago with the ‘i know you think your hench..’ lyrics. Solo 45 Is 4th i think delivering some mental bars you’d hear getting a wheel up in a rave. Then rounding it off you have the short man that is Shorty proving he’s just as talented as the tall people, he said something in their like ‘stay humble, stay focused, cuz out here were surrounded by jokers. Nuff man wana talk about straaaaaps, but they cant kill a locust!’ at that point i just fell out my bedroom window, ran back up stairs and wrote this.

But the only bad thing i got to say about this is… Where’s Wiley? If Wiley was their it would have been an even bigger thing but i aint complaining because it’s sick regardless. I also have to say i would of liked to see JME spray more bars than he did, cuz im big JME fan.

Anyway! Enough of my gas talk, go and watch it now!
(Blogged By @BigDeann)

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