BigDeann’s #GrimeyMondays Interview #8 – Slit Jockey Records! *Special w/ Free Download*

Here myself (BigDeann) will be talking to one of the joint owners of ‘Slit Jockey Records’ and heavy producer who goes by the name of Dev79.

-First up Slit Jockey, would you like to tell the people a little bit about your record label?

Starkey, El Carnicero and myself are the fuel behind the fire that is Slit Jockey Records. Our releases have been scorching the palettes of taste makers everywhere, including banger tracks by artists such as Stagga, Sduk, J-Sweet, DS1, DZ, Kaiser, Thrills and many others. Starkey and me also run Seclusiasis which we basically see as the main brand with a number of projects and subdivisions under it, Slit Jockey is apart of the Seclusiasis empire.

-When did you start the label? i think i was late hearing about the label as i heard of you around the time of ‘J-Sweet’s’ big release of ‘Streethawk’ with you guys.

Around 2005 we got going with things and dropped our first 7″ which was a Starkey/Dev79 split. We’ve been releasing consistently since then, but the last few years we been in much higher gear though.

-Many people have asked about this. As a producer running a record label, would you say its easy for anyone who doesn’t know much about how to run a record label, to start one up? or does it take a lot of time?

It takes a fuckloaddddd of time, as well as drive, business saavy and a thick skin. Of course anyone can try to do anything in the world, but just because we are in a digital age where its easier to get a label up and running on face value doesn’t mean that anyone can do it in reality. Theres clearly a glut on the market of bullshit vanity labels with no quality control and no clear agenda, and ultimately that hurts the scene by oversaturating the audience and making it difficult for them to discern whats what. Its often a thankless job, but we are here to stand out and deliver music that is purely awesome.

-You have had a massive Grime scene legend on multiple releases from your record label by the name of ‘J-Sweet’. How did these big remix and single link ups from him come about being released on Slit Jockey?

As far as I remember it was just a casual sort of thing, he was sending over some dubs to get DJ play and we asked what songs weren’t already signed and then scooped up a few of them for Slit Jockey. From there we got some remixes on board and Jason heard my “Get 2 Know” track with Slix and he wanted to remix that. We’ll def have some more stuff coming from him on the label in the future, he’s part of the family now.

-You (Dev79) and ‘Starkey’ run the label of course, does this mean your both only really interested in releasing your music on Slit Jockey records?

Nah, of course not. We release via Slit Jockey and Seclusiasis but we’re not limiting ourselves there, obviously Starkey has released on a number of labels and I’ve been on a few. Diversity is key!

-You and Starkey have been doing tag-team sets recently, does this serve as another way to get people into the label and releases?

Us doing tag sets together is something thats super fun, creatively stimulating and ultimately we are rocking the party! But yes of course we see as a way to showcase the music we release on both Seclusiasis and Slit Jockey. It helps connect the dots for the audience that may not have a clear idea that we run the labels and what not. Clearly we want people to realize what we do and discover the music we release, because we truly think its sick stuff that needs proper attention. An upcoming Street Bass tour with us performing tagteam sets, is in the works so be on the look out.

-By the looks of things, you seem like you and Starkey get along well, you must have known him for a long time. When did you first meet Starkey?

I think it was around 2004 that we met. We met from the music scene in Philly. We clicked pretty quickly and began working together on parties, radio, etc soon after meeting. Grime was one of the things that brought us together, as we were both really excited about this new sound and really we barely knew anyone else who had any clue about it.

-How did the idea of starting up a record label all come about for Slit Jockey?

Initially it was purely inspired by grime. We were releasing some mixtapes and things via Seclusiasis and grime was just a burgeoning sound and no one was full on embracing it from a label standpoint in America so we set out to start Slit Jockey as the stateside grime label. After a while we obviously broadened the scope to include a wider spectrum of bass music sounds, but grime is still at the heart of Slit Jockey and thats a defining characteristic that sets it apart from Seclusiasis.

-As this is a #GrimeyMondays interview, it is good to hear that the intensions of Slit Jockey are Grime. What I’m courious about is, you are not from the UK where Grime started, so when did you first hear about it?

Well yeah the reach of early grime to the states was rare and minimal, it was again around 2004 that I was getting into grime, maybe 2003. Dizzee was of course the main artist that was breaking out of the UK and “I Luv U” was the first thing I heard…and well it changed my life haha. From there I was super hungry for grime and was clamoring to discover artists like Wiley, Kano, Wonder, Terror Danjah, etc etc.

-What artist have you got lined up for releases that you can tell us about at the moment?

Next week is our next drop – Mella Dee “Don’t Be Nesh” EP. South Yorkshire’s Mella Dee is 1/2 of Mista Men and this EP is his first solo outing and its quite a sick grimey affair, mostly instrumental with one vocal tune – VIP featuring Slick Don on the mic. We also got upcoming EP’s lined up from Sduk, Mr. Mitch, MIK, Doshy, an LP from DS1 and much more.

-Is their any producers you’ve got your eye on for a release of say an EP?

Right now we have sooo much on our calendar that we are easily stocked through the end of the year. Of course theres always more producers and MCs we’d love to release but at the moment we need to focus on what we already have in the works.

-If you had the choice of any music artist in the world that could have a release on your record label who would it be? and why?

Oh geez thats a rough one, I think it’d be pretty fly if we could get Prince to make a grime beat for us…and then get the godfather Wiley to spit on it!

-And finally is their anything else you would like the people to know about that i might not have asked about, that might want to say before we end this interview?

Blow jobs and weed would probably create world peace.

..Well there you have it, some humble words from the wise man that is Dev79 their. But that’s not it, Slit Jockey Records have left us with an exclusive free download! which is  available right here, on the Mixclique blog.

Mr. Mitch’s 8bar Remix of “Can’t Stop My Grime” Free Download 

Just click the link below and you will then get the tune for absolutely free in exchange for a tweet.

NEW Slit Jockey Records Releases!

Mella Dee – Don’t Be Nesh

Download Here:

J-Sweet – Can’t Stop My Grime (Starkey Remix ft Virus Syndicate)

Download Here:

Slit Jockey Records Downloads Catalog Here:

Slit Jockey Records Contact Links:!/Dev79!/slitjockey!/starkbotbeats

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