Spooky – Spartan Sessions Volume 1, BigDeann’s Pre-Release Review!

Spooky – Spartan Sessions Volume 1 (Mix CD)

(Artwork by @wwwud)

First of all im going to start with saying, if you dont know who Spooky ‘Spartan’ Bizzle is by now… you dont know what Grime is. A big statement i know but hardly exadurated and this mix is a prime example of why double ‘Grimeforum Award’ winning Producer & DJ has got the entire Grime scene pulling their hair out is clumps!

In this mix you can expect some of the highest standard of mixing from a Grime DJ possible. Spooky kicks off the mix with an instant switch up, yet  still remains relevant to the ‘spartan sessions’ theme with spookys brutal refix of his own track spartan entitled ‘Spartan RIP’, overlayed with the classic smash hit Kozzie and the rest of the ‘New Wave’ vocal from the original. Which im glad he didnt just typically draw for the original.

Without giving too much away about the tracks and transitions in this ruthless mix, i can tell you what your in for.
Expect to hear 40 minutes of Greaze, chopped up, butchered, put in the oven at gas mark 9 and served up by the Chef that is Soundman Spooky. Even with fast pace mixing throughout the mix, at not one point did the MUDness die out. The delivery of his ‘i think i need a lie down after that’ refix’s, remix’s and originals is always to be expected. But you can never predict how much shit around you is going to get broken/ hurt. With massive riddims from big dons in the game, to tunes from under the radar producers and even music from Mixclique’s very own top Producer ‘Neon Beats’, this mix is jam packed with the quality you can ONLY expect from a Veteran DJ such as himself. If you enjoyed classic sets of him taring it up the 1’s & 2’s over the years on various radio stations such as UrbanFM, DejaVuFM, ImageFM then you will, without a doubt go rags 2nd track into the mix.. i know i did!

regardless of everything I’ve said you can expect it all. But even with this review you will still not be ready for this Spartan skeng mix!

So yeh. Its been myself BigDeann and all that’s left to say is, make sure you download ‘Spooky Bizzle – Spartan Sessions Volume 1’ on Monday, the 21st of may FOR ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!!


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