BigDeann – Yellow Diamonds EP + Interview/Insight

(@BigDeann – Yellow Diamonds EP)

Sooooooo, Some of you may be confused as to why me (BigDeann), a blogger is releasing an EP, so let me enlighten you for a minute Grime heads.

How did BigDeann come about creating Refix’s/Bootleg’s/Myth’s?

Basically a few month’s back i made a bootleg of a Preditah tune entitled ‘Nosy Parker’ which was a very popular tune by him as im sure many of you know already. So i sent it to non other than Grime veteran and good music friend of mine Spooky Bizzle, to let me know what he thought of the standard and if it was good and he was quite happy with what i made (it was a little bit sketch in places, but it was not finished anyway). So happy infact he wanted to use the main 8 bar of it, while he made an 8 bar refix aswell and he also gave Mixclique family member ‘Neon Beats’ a shout for an 8 bar by him on top of that to create a collab refix. BUT it didn’t end up happening for 1 or 2 reasons and i left just him and Neon to murk it on their own as they know more than me in music.(true story lol)

Why ‘Yellow Diamonds EP’? Whats the story behind the name?

Well, this is a kinda lame story so try not to fall asleep while im telling it.
Basically for about a week, every day, through out the day i would find myself singing as i was going about my business the same verse from a Rihanna song called ‘We found love’. The part of the song that i kept on saying was simply just “Yellow Diamonds in the sky..” and at the time i was racking my head thinking about a name for the EP, but it hadn’t clicked at this point as i was busy and stressed with work, as i work LONG shifts. So when i found myself i sat down and just thought ‘I really want to sample that Rihanna verse’  so then i slaved my way through the internet for a couple hours just for an HQ acapella to cut it from, finally got it, cut it and then added some effects but didn’t know what to do with it.

So left it a week come back to it and just  messed around with it together with some MAD bootleg i’ve made of about 6 tunes all in one (now called Yellow Diamonds) it just seemed to work easily and the process was 100% natural which just made it a pleasure building the tune.

So, is it just you who will be on the release then?

The EP is primarily ‘Deann’ (4/5 bootlegged Tracks) but their will be 2 or 3 features on the release by different artists that will be an assortment between Remix’s, Original’s or Bootleg’s, as i told the artist that artists that are featuring that they can do anything with the tune they want to put on there and all they have to do is incorporate the ‘Yellow Diamonds’ sample a couple times in it and their is no issues. So expect an EP with a peculiar, yet original concept upon release day.

Not going to say who the features are yet, can’t be spoiling all the fun now can i?!

Release Date?  

The EP will be release in the next 1 or 2 months if all goes according to plan with the other artists featuring. The plan is for it to be out before the end of September 1000% no later and that’s a guarantee.

 What Genre’s of music can we expect to hear on the release?

Straight Grime but there may be room for another genre to poke it’s head into the release, as the track list can change at any time before release if i feel it’s appropriate. If i was to bring any other Genres into it, you could expect Garage, Dubstep or maybe even some Weight hip-hop Riddim.. like i say its all open for me to mold around my preferences.

(End of Interview)

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