Rinse Presents: Royal-T (Album Review)


Mixclique Rating: 9.5/10

First of all let me explain why I didn’t rate the album a 10 because I can talk all day about how amazing the album is, because it truly is a piece of art!
The only reason I can’t make this release a 10 is purely because it’s only 10 tracks (11 on iTunes). Which is very small for a Grime album.

Regardless of that, I’m just nit picking at something that is undoubtably one of the best albums I have ever brought! That is not even a lie soon as I got the CD and heard the first track with the cleanest of mix downs and P Money’s insane wordplay with the use of a million and 1 ‘Royal-T’ references, I though I’d let my neighbours have a listen at full volume.. Unfortunately they didn’t fully appreciate that.

If your hesitating to buy this release *SLAP* you must be a fool! This release has that versatility & 2 step, mixed with the bass which you’d expect from Royal-T. But when you hear it you are still not ready for that rib punching, gritty Grime bass that T is known and loved for to this day.

Go and buy this album 100%. If you like Grime, Garage, house, funky or even that bubble gum pop shit, you will thoroughly enjoy this I’m sure of it!

The Mixclique say “Buy it 100%!

Posted by @BigDeann

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