BigDeann’s #GrimeyMondays Interviews (Series 2) – with Teeza! Part 1

(Graphic image of Teeza)

You and S-X featured on ‘the Leak EP 2’ by the big man TRC. With TRC being from brum, how did this perfect link up all come about?

I was familiar with some of his previous music, from around 2010/11 and over time I was hearing more of his work. So, i found him on twitter, followed him on there, and as far as i can remember he followed back and we began talking from there via twitter then on the phone etc. We made the connection, built a pretty good relationship so when it was time for the EP, he gave me a shout and wanted me involved. Thats the good thing about twitter, networking can be made so easy (most of the time)

I’ve noticed you tamper around with your sound frequently, you can go from making a synth hip hop riddim, to that hype hard hitting Grime ‘wheel up’ music. Would you say remaining versatile an consistent is the way to gain such recognition like yourself?

I’ve always had an eclectic taste in music from a young age so thats where it all began for me really. When I make music, a lot of the time I go off a mood/energy, so different genres or BPMs give me the freedom to express that feeling and catch the vibe. Plus, doing the same old shit over and over just becomes monotonous for me personally.

biggest tune your feeling right now? (Grime, garage, bassline, hip hop, funky)

Off top right now, because i was just listening to and i do like it a lot, ill say Hudson Mohawke – ‘Chimes.’ The riddim is bananas!

You recently made a tune with the infamous ‘Hitman Hyper’. will we be hearing any other collabs such as this soon?

If all goes according to plan then definitely. Me and Hyper having have spoken over the phone and discussed doing more work in future and I have a few other vocal bits lined up. All will be revealed soon enough.

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