Trends – Whiplash EP (Out 08/02/13 on Mixclique Records)

Trends – Whiplash EP (Out 08/02/13 on Mixclique Records)
Trends EP - Whiplash EP Cover

Showreel of EP

Trends – Selecta
Trends – Whiplash
Trends – Fuzz Buzz
Trends – Mirrors

We are happy to announce our next release with heavy, up and coming Grime producer ‘Trends’!
The release consists of 4 weighty instrumental tracks, each track on the EP was carefully chosen to insure that this release was 100% Well made content.

We look forward to the release and expect many more releases to come snowballing afterward as we have an EP release from Mixclique’s very own ‘Neon Beats’ and the long awaited ‘Pick & Mix Volume 2’!

As always, Keep it Mixclique!

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BigDeann’s #GrimeyMondays Interviews (Series 2) – with Teeza! Part 1

(Graphic image of Teeza)

You and S-X featured on ‘the Leak EP 2’ by the big man TRC. With TRC being from brum, how did this perfect link up all come about?

I was familiar with some of his previous music, from around 2010/11 and over time I was hearing more of his work. So, i found him on twitter, followed him on there, and as far as i can remember he followed back and we began talking from there via twitter then on the phone etc. We made the connection, built a pretty good relationship so when it was time for the EP, he gave me a shout and wanted me involved. Thats the good thing about twitter, networking can be made so easy (most of the time)

I’ve noticed you tamper around with your sound frequently, you can go from making a synth hip hop riddim, to that hype hard hitting Grime ‘wheel up’ music. Would you say remaining versatile an consistent is the way to gain such recognition like yourself?

I’ve always had an eclectic taste in music from a young age so thats where it all began for me really. When I make music, a lot of the time I go off a mood/energy, so different genres or BPMs give me the freedom to express that feeling and catch the vibe. Plus, doing the same old shit over and over just becomes monotonous for me personally.

biggest tune your feeling right now? (Grime, garage, bassline, hip hop, funky)

Off top right now, because i was just listening to and i do like it a lot, ill say Hudson Mohawke – ‘Chimes.’ The riddim is bananas!

You recently made a tune with the infamous ‘Hitman Hyper’. will we be hearing any other collabs such as this soon?

If all goes according to plan then definitely. Me and Hyper having have spoken over the phone and discussed doing more work in future and I have a few other vocal bits lined up. All will be revealed soon enough.

BigDeann – Yellow Diamonds EP + Interview/Insight

(@BigDeann – Yellow Diamonds EP)

Sooooooo, Some of you may be confused as to why me (BigDeann), a blogger is releasing an EP, so let me enlighten you for a minute Grime heads.

How did BigDeann come about creating Refix’s/Bootleg’s/Myth’s?

Basically a few month’s back i made a bootleg of a Preditah tune entitled ‘Nosy Parker’ which was a very popular tune by him as im sure many of you know already. So i sent it to non other than Grime veteran and good music friend of mine Spooky Bizzle, to let me know what he thought of the standard and if it was good and he was quite happy with what i made (it was a little bit sketch in places, but it was not finished anyway). So happy infact he wanted to use the main 8 bar of it, while he made an 8 bar refix aswell and he also gave Mixclique family member ‘Neon Beats’ a shout for an 8 bar by him on top of that to create a collab refix. BUT it didn’t end up happening for 1 or 2 reasons and i left just him and Neon to murk it on their own as they know more than me in music.(true story lol)

Why ‘Yellow Diamonds EP’? Whats the story behind the name?

Well, this is a kinda lame story so try not to fall asleep while im telling it.
Basically for about a week, every day, through out the day i would find myself singing as i was going about my business the same verse from a Rihanna song called ‘We found love’. The part of the song that i kept on saying was simply just “Yellow Diamonds in the sky..” and at the time i was racking my head thinking about a name for the EP, but it hadn’t clicked at this point as i was busy and stressed with work, as i work LONG shifts. So when i found myself i sat down and just thought ‘I really want to sample that Rihanna verse’  so then i slaved my way through the internet for a couple hours just for an HQ acapella to cut it from, finally got it, cut it and then added some effects but didn’t know what to do with it.

So left it a week come back to it and just  messed around with it together with some MAD bootleg i’ve made of about 6 tunes all in one (now called Yellow Diamonds) it just seemed to work easily and the process was 100% natural which just made it a pleasure building the tune.

So, is it just you who will be on the release then?

The EP is primarily ‘Deann’ (4/5 bootlegged Tracks) but their will be 2 or 3 features on the release by different artists that will be an assortment between Remix’s, Original’s or Bootleg’s, as i told the artist that artists that are featuring that they can do anything with the tune they want to put on there and all they have to do is incorporate the ‘Yellow Diamonds’ sample a couple times in it and their is no issues. So expect an EP with a peculiar, yet original concept upon release day.

Not going to say who the features are yet, can’t be spoiling all the fun now can i?!

Release Date?  

The EP will be release in the next 1 or 2 months if all goes according to plan with the other artists featuring. The plan is for it to be out before the end of September 1000% no later and that’s a guarantee.

 What Genre’s of music can we expect to hear on the release?

Straight Grime but there may be room for another genre to poke it’s head into the release, as the track list can change at any time before release if i feel it’s appropriate. If i was to bring any other Genres into it, you could expect Garage, Dubstep or maybe even some Weight hip-hop Riddim.. like i say its all open for me to mold around my preferences.

(End of Interview)

BigDeann’s #GrimeyMondays Interview #8 – Slit Jockey Records! *Special w/ Free Download*

Here myself (BigDeann) will be talking to one of the joint owners of ‘Slit Jockey Records’ and heavy producer who goes by the name of Dev79.

-First up Slit Jockey, would you like to tell the people a little bit about your record label?

Starkey, El Carnicero and myself are the fuel behind the fire that is Slit Jockey Records. Our releases have been scorching the palettes of taste makers everywhere, including banger tracks by artists such as Stagga, Sduk, J-Sweet, DS1, DZ, Kaiser, Thrills and many others. Starkey and me also run Seclusiasis which we basically see as the main brand with a number of projects and subdivisions under it, Slit Jockey is apart of the Seclusiasis empire.

-When did you start the label? i think i was late hearing about the label as i heard of you around the time of ‘J-Sweet’s’ big release of ‘Streethawk’ with you guys.

Around 2005 we got going with things and dropped our first 7″ which was a Starkey/Dev79 split. We’ve been releasing consistently since then, but the last few years we been in much higher gear though.

-Many people have asked about this. As a producer running a record label, would you say its easy for anyone who doesn’t know much about how to run a record label, to start one up? or does it take a lot of time?

It takes a fuckloaddddd of time, as well as drive, business saavy and a thick skin. Of course anyone can try to do anything in the world, but just because we are in a digital age where its easier to get a label up and running on face value doesn’t mean that anyone can do it in reality. Theres clearly a glut on the market of bullshit vanity labels with no quality control and no clear agenda, and ultimately that hurts the scene by oversaturating the audience and making it difficult for them to discern whats what. Its often a thankless job, but we are here to stand out and deliver music that is purely awesome.

-You have had a massive Grime scene legend on multiple releases from your record label by the name of ‘J-Sweet’. How did these big remix and single link ups from him come about being released on Slit Jockey?

As far as I remember it was just a casual sort of thing, he was sending over some dubs to get DJ play and we asked what songs weren’t already signed and then scooped up a few of them for Slit Jockey. From there we got some remixes on board and Jason heard my “Get 2 Know” track with Slix and he wanted to remix that. We’ll def have some more stuff coming from him on the label in the future, he’s part of the family now.

-You (Dev79) and ‘Starkey’ run the label of course, does this mean your both only really interested in releasing your music on Slit Jockey records?

Nah, of course not. We release via Slit Jockey and Seclusiasis but we’re not limiting ourselves there, obviously Starkey has released on a number of labels and I’ve been on a few. Diversity is key!

-You and Starkey have been doing tag-team sets recently, does this serve as another way to get people into the label and releases?

Us doing tag sets together is something thats super fun, creatively stimulating and ultimately we are rocking the party! But yes of course we see as a way to showcase the music we release on both Seclusiasis and Slit Jockey. It helps connect the dots for the audience that may not have a clear idea that we run the labels and what not. Clearly we want people to realize what we do and discover the music we release, because we truly think its sick stuff that needs proper attention. An upcoming Street Bass tour with us performing tagteam sets, is in the works so be on the look out.

-By the looks of things, you seem like you and Starkey get along well, you must have known him for a long time. When did you first meet Starkey?

I think it was around 2004 that we met. We met from the music scene in Philly. We clicked pretty quickly and began working together on parties, radio, etc soon after meeting. Grime was one of the things that brought us together, as we were both really excited about this new sound and really we barely knew anyone else who had any clue about it.

-How did the idea of starting up a record label all come about for Slit Jockey?

Initially it was purely inspired by grime. We were releasing some mixtapes and things via Seclusiasis and grime was just a burgeoning sound and no one was full on embracing it from a label standpoint in America so we set out to start Slit Jockey as the stateside grime label. After a while we obviously broadened the scope to include a wider spectrum of bass music sounds, but grime is still at the heart of Slit Jockey and thats a defining characteristic that sets it apart from Seclusiasis.

-As this is a #GrimeyMondays interview, it is good to hear that the intensions of Slit Jockey are Grime. What I’m courious about is, you are not from the UK where Grime started, so when did you first hear about it?

Well yeah the reach of early grime to the states was rare and minimal, it was again around 2004 that I was getting into grime, maybe 2003. Dizzee was of course the main artist that was breaking out of the UK and “I Luv U” was the first thing I heard…and well it changed my life haha. From there I was super hungry for grime and was clamoring to discover artists like Wiley, Kano, Wonder, Terror Danjah, etc etc.

-What artist have you got lined up for releases that you can tell us about at the moment?

Next week is our next drop – Mella Dee “Don’t Be Nesh” EP. South Yorkshire’s Mella Dee is 1/2 of Mista Men and this EP is his first solo outing and its quite a sick grimey affair, mostly instrumental with one vocal tune – VIP featuring Slick Don on the mic. We also got upcoming EP’s lined up from Sduk, Mr. Mitch, MIK, Doshy, an LP from DS1 and much more.

-Is their any producers you’ve got your eye on for a release of say an EP?

Right now we have sooo much on our calendar that we are easily stocked through the end of the year. Of course theres always more producers and MCs we’d love to release but at the moment we need to focus on what we already have in the works.

-If you had the choice of any music artist in the world that could have a release on your record label who would it be? and why?

Oh geez thats a rough one, I think it’d be pretty fly if we could get Prince to make a grime beat for us…and then get the godfather Wiley to spit on it!

-And finally is their anything else you would like the people to know about that i might not have asked about, that might want to say before we end this interview?

Blow jobs and weed would probably create world peace.

..Well there you have it, some humble words from the wise man that is Dev79 their. But that’s not it, Slit Jockey Records have left us with an exclusive free download! which is  available right here, on the Mixclique blog.

Mr. Mitch’s 8bar Remix of “Can’t Stop My Grime” Free Download 

Just click the link below and you will then get the tune for absolutely free in exchange for a tweet.

NEW Slit Jockey Records Releases!

Mella Dee – Don’t Be Nesh

Download Here:

J-Sweet – Can’t Stop My Grime (Starkey Remix ft Virus Syndicate)

Download Here:

Slit Jockey Records Downloads Catalog Here:

Slit Jockey Records Contact Links:!/Dev79!/slitjockey!/starkbotbeats

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BigDeann #GrimeyMondays Interview #5 – TRC!

BigDeann Interviews TRC For Mixclique – #GrimeyMondays Interview #5

In this #GrimeyMondays post myself (BigDeann) will be talking to a producer who has been known in the UKG scene for quite a few years now, he hails from the bassline scene and over the years has made a collective of different genre’s (e.g Garage/Hip-Hop/Grime/Baseline). He goes by the name of TRC!
 Let’s dive straight into the interview then.

– First up for the few people who haven’t heard of TRC, explain who you are and what you do.

I’m a 23 year old producer from the Midlands currently trying to dabble in every genre lol but known for UKG/Bassline/4×4 etc. I’ve been producing since I was 17 years old.

– You were suppost to be doing an EP collaboration with one of UKG’s finest producers ‘Royal-T’ titled the ‘Music & Sex EP’ and alote of people were excited by the Perfect Garage link up. The EP from my knowledge was ready for release, so what happened with that?

Me and Royal got caught up in our own project’s and never got round to completing it but its still in the lurk. It didn’t help that I put the ‘Sex’ instrumental on the first Leak E.P either which was a bit of a silly move, but still, no reason why we can’t finish it off now!

– On the subject of collaboration’s, a lot of producers started collaborating together on tracks last year apart from the Royal-T collab we know about, have you been involved in any others?

I recently dropped an E.P (Leak 2) which had collaborations with me boys S-X & Teeza. I also started messing about on a beat with Swindle today.

– Mixclique’s very own Neon Beats asks: ‘What was your favourite remix of you smash hit ‘Oo Aa Ee’? and is their any more plans for some vinyl releases from yourself?’

There are so many remixes, and so many big ones as well, I heard Q playing a bad UKG mix of it I’m not even sure who made it! Would love to know haven’t even got it myself! lol!

– Who is you favourite Mc/vocalist right now? and why?

There’s so much talent in the UK I’m not even too sure.

– Most producers talk about how essential it is to have a a decent set up when making beats. would you agree? and what sort of equipment do you have in your set up?

It is good to have a good set up, but a lot of producers make the mistake of going out and spending heap’s of cash on hardware and programs, when sometimes all you need is a laptop with a few decent VST’s, thats all I use at the minute.

– Another thing producers talk about being essential is food & drink, are you one of them guys? if so what sort of stuff do you need?

My eating regime is awful when I’m in the studio, I tend to eat a lot of junk or eat at silly times lol, so I try to stay active and maintain a healthy diet.

– You are known quite well in the Grime scene, even though your production is more on the lines of Garage/Baseline. What do you think made this recognition happen?

The ‘Oo Aa Ee’ instrumental gave me a big push, with it being supported by people like EZ, DVA, Spyro, Cameo, JJ, Terror Danjah, etc was a massive look, shortly followed up by the release with Butterz after speaking with Elijah, of the VIP mix & ‘Skipping Rope’ instrumental which Wiley spun on a set. Another grime instrumental called Bandit was floating around too which got massive support as well, and got the pleasure of being destroyed by Boy better know & OGs on a set after JJ played it on Rinse.

– Have you got any forthcoming releases coming soon that you can talk about? (Singles, remix’s ect.)

I don’t really like to talk too much about what’s going to happen, I’d rather just let it happen 🙂

– By now im sure you know about this whole Trilla, Sox & Devilman beef situation. As a some one from Birmingham & from the same genre’s as these guys (Bassline/Grime) would you like to ‘air your view’? do you think they will clash?

They will clash eventually, when the times right. There is a lot on the line for both artists, and this clash is very personal, its not a fix.

– What is your favourite song(s) of all time?

Not too sure but D’angelo – Dreamy Eyes (J Dilla Mix) springs to mind, or Erykah Badu – Feeling High.

– Any big vocalled collaboration’s in the bag that you might want tell us about?


– Mixclique’s ‘DJ Ethic’ & ‘Neon Beats’ would like to know if you would consider doing a guest mix for their radio show on or pass through the show any time?

Definitely in future.

– And finally, is their anything else you would like to tell the people about TRC? (what else you got going on, how to contact you, previous releases. ect)

Stay locked! And I hope I don’t disappoint haha..

It’s been a pleasure speaking to you TRC as i follow your music and so do all of us guys here at Mixclique. We will definitely be keeping an eye out for you and your up coming music.

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BigDeann #GrimeyMondays Interview #4 – Direct!

BigDeann Interviews Direct For Mixclique – #GrimeyMondays Interview #4

In this post myself (BigDeann) will be talking to a Bassline/Garage/Grime producer that goes by the name of Direct!
Let go straight into it. 

– First up bro for all the people who aren’t aware of what you have done or who you are, would you like to tell the people a little about yourself.

I’m a 17 year old music producer from up north, Sheffield. I make UK Garage sounds or ‘UK Bass’. My main genres are Grime & Bassline but I produce anything at 140 beats per minute and have been known to experiment with sounds like Hip-hop and dubstep.

– Is their anyone right now that you may be working side by side or will be in the future? whether it be producers, vocalist’s or Mc’s?

On the colab side of things I’ve got a couple projects going on. You may have heard of a producer called J.G, he’s made a lot of noise with his bassline and now making movements with #SCUMFAM on a grime flex. Me and him have plans for a joint grime release with some of sheffields finest mc’s in the future but we’re both trying to do our solo thing as well so thats something which will just be ‘there’ until the times right. I’ve also got plans to collaborate with T-Dogg from my RTD family so keep your eyes out for that stuff.

– Who is you favourite artist of any genre to listen to?

My favourite grime / hip-hop artists are guys like Newham Generals, Skepta, Labrinth, Tinie Tempah, the only american rappers I really rate are guys like Drake, Wiz Khalifa etc and the legends like Tupac & Biggie of course. I couldn’t pick 1 artist in particular in any genre but I always have favourites.

– By now im sure you know as just as much as everybody else about the conflict Trilla’s involved with Sox & Devilman in. What do you think about the whole situation & do you want to comment about it?

Firstly I’d like to say the whole Trilla & Sox clash situation is good for Birmingham… They’ve got 2 of their biggest MC’s clashing off the back of Lord of the Mics III and its created a lot of hype in the scene even outside of brum. Im not going to throw out my personal views but I rate both artists for different reasons and Im enjoying seeing the whole thing pan out!

– What do you have in your set up right now to make beats at your level?

My studio setup is pretty straight forward, I’ve got a 24inch iMac with Reason and Logic both installed, A midi-keyboard which sits inside a draw underneath my iMac and a pair of MISSION speakers. These are some important components to having a good setup but you also need a sound-card and stuff.

– You released the ‘Mario Bros EP’ earlier in 2011 any you had a massive response from a lot of genre’s across the UKG scene including Grime, to name one of the main ones. How would you say the response to that was like for you?

The Mario Bros hype was great for me, It opened a lot of doors. It was the first time I saw my music really played on a nation-wide scale and the first time one of my tunes ‘Blew up’ so to speak, so that was really inspiring too. DJ EZ, Cameo, DJ Q and Teddy Music amongst the names to support the release. Something that you probably don’t know is that the original Mario Bros. beat (the same one Spooky & J69 remixed) that I made was my first ever attempt at grime!!

– What plug ins do you tend to use on when making a beat? and what are your favorites?

Most of the time I don’t use Plug-ins, unless I want a really specific ‘beefy’ sound. For the most part I create my own sounds through Reason’s devices. Obviously I have favourites but unfortunately Im not going to reveal them in this particular interview ;).

– You have done a couple tunes with Trilla recently that you have put clips of on your soundcloud page, have you got plans to be releasing some sort of collab project or something else with him?

No plans to release a collab project with Trilla as of yet, even though I’d be up for it! Trilloski is one of my favourite artists from the UK so it would be good to work with him more definitely. Just keep your eyes and ears on the look out because theres a good possibility that there could be some more music from Direct and Trilla.

– Have you got anything you would like to announce about any forthcoming releases or is it all ‘hush hush’ right now for you?

Yeah, It’s pretty much all ‘hush hush’ at the moment with the word on future releases because I don’t want to make any promises I cant keep so we’ll see, I plan to release another grime EP around summer time although I’m not sure which label that will be on.

– I have known you for a little while now and you have spoken to me not so long ago saying your building up your fanbase in the grime scene now, as you are making a lot of grime now. Will your new EP ‘Zoots, Beats & Progress’ show this work rate? will it be instrumental ect?

Well hopefully the new EP out on march 18th will show the increased work rate that I’ve put into grime, but this EP is more me saying, this is how my sounds progressed over the last year or so, here’s some music to buy, watch out for more!! But yeah the EP is 6 tracks deep, 5 grime instrumentals with 1 bassline track with Tez Kidd and Asher from BODR on there. The bassline tune on there is also the only bassline track on Tez Kidd’s latest CD ‘The Paradigm Shift’ which has had some good reviews.

– Your also a Web Developer for ‘Flush Media UK’. Do you do work for anybody else that may be looking for your skills elsewhere? & if so how can they contact you?

Yes, I do freelance web development and design work for clients in the UK, US and Europe. If people are interested in Website systems or designs then do not hesitate to contact me on

– Any last things you want to tell the people before i draw this interview to a close?

Just keep looking out for my new music, and thanks to the people that are supporting my music. Follow me on twitter @DirectUKG and remember my first solo grime release is out March 18th on iTunes, Amazon, Juno etc and its called Zoots, Beats & Progress EP! Oh yeah and you can also follow me on

Thanks for talking to us guys here at Mixclique bruv and we’ll be watching your big year ahead for the big movements your making.

BigDeann #GrimeyMondays Interview #3 – K1

BigDeann #GrimeyMondays Interview #3 – K1 

In this post myself (BigDeann) will be talking to a Wolverhampton producer that has had a lot of people talking this last year, he is the newest member of a crew called ‘Invasion’, a man who goes by the name of K1 and i will be asking him a few questions!
K1 is a Grime producer who has been quite unknown for a long time and has finally been recognised for the talent he has as an artist. Infact, you may recognise some of his beats from a few clashes on the ‘Lord Of The Mics III’ Dvd.
So, without anymore mucking about, let’s dive into it!

– I first heard of you around the time you released your version of Dexplicit’s ‘Bullacake’ and the VIP. But obviously that was around a year ago, i know you’ve been around for longer than that. How long have you been producing and did you start off Grimey?

I’ve been producing since March 2009, I did start off as a grime producer for a very brief period of time but the majority of the first 2 years of my producing career saw me making bassline/4×4 and just getting to grips with software and developing my sound, etc.

– Also when would you say you started getting recognition in the Grime scene?

I started getting recognition in my home town for working with Full Force Ent on tunes like ‘Superstar’ featuring Webster, Sox & Brutal and doing several other things with them as a team but I think my recognition came from putting out lots of free beats, sending instrumentals to DJ’s like Big Mikee, DJ Free, Spooky & DJ Blizzard and getting them played on radio stations, pushing my sound through DJ’ing myself, working with MC’s on tracks etc… Just putting the work in I guess really lol

– You’ve recently become a member of a very popular Grime crew called ‘Invasion’. Its quite a big thing to see people joining crews as it doesn’t happen to much these days. How did this come about?

I was in Full Force Ent for 2 years (Dec 2009 – Dec 2011) but left unfortunately due to disagreements. I planned to work solo as a grime producer and focus on releasing instrumental EP’s and do the odd project with MC’s but after a month passed working solo DJ Free from Invasion started talking to me about joining Invasion. After putting a lot of thought into it I made the decision to join despite being just over a month from leaving Full Force Ent.

– What do you draw influence from when you are making music?

I draw a lot of influence from old school grime producers, especially Alias. I also listen to a lot of recent grime producers such as Spooky, Preditah & Swifta Beater to name a few. I listen to all genre of music apart from any kind of rock. I can also find myself influenced by life.

– What’s your favourite thing to do in your spare time from working?

Just kick it.

– Ghost House Records recently just released its third release ‘K1 – Apocalypse EP’. How did all this happen? and what’s the response been like?

The response has been amazing! I’ve even had people tweet pictures of them downloading the EP from iTunes which was crazy support.

– Who is your favourite producer(s) of all time and why?

I would probably have to say Enigma Dubz. He makes every kind of music and does it so well his sound is really on point. Check him out on

– What kind of setup do you have? & what are you the things you couldn’t live without when spending time making a riddim?

At the moment I’m on an old acer laptop hooked up to a pair of Yamaha HS80s. I always have food when making riddims most of the time it’s biscuits they are essential!

– Have you got any singles (vocalled) forthcoming with Invasion? or any other people even?

Yes! You can probably catch Hitman’s K1 produced anthem “Ding Dong” on a radio station near you the track is about and should see a release further in the year. We’ve already got a huge remix in the pipeline featuring some huge MC’s from around the country so watch out for that! Let’s just say that you can expect a lot of Invasion Alert based projects produced by K1 this year.

– A lot of producers recently are collaborating with each other on big tunes, guys such as Faze Miyake, Terror Danjah, Teddy, Spyro & a few others. Are you planning any collaborations with producers any time soon? or have you done any you can announce for us?

Yes! CRT is another Wolverhampton based producer who I work with quite regularly compared to other producers, I’ve remixed his “Venom” instrumental and there is also a CRT remix of my “Courvoisier” instrumental to look out for. I also have an instrumental EP planned with the dubstep producer Skinzmann which should be something different for people who like my music. Last and definitely not least is the producer Mister Snowman who makes up the other half of the producers in Invasion Alert so you can expect some collaborations from us too.

– You have been rather consistent with your work rate this last year or so with releases such as ‘Donation EP 1+2’ & then the special edition. What other projects have you got coming up? Personally i feel you need more music that should be purchased, rather than giveaways.

The plan was to get myself out there by putting out lots of free instrumentals just to give myself a presence in the scene as a producer and with that done I think I’m in a position now to start putting out products for people to buy such as the “Apocalypse EP”. I can’t really say what projects I’ve got coming up in the foreseeable future but just know it’s going to be Invasion Alert.

– Anything else you want to throw out their for the people to know or what else there is left for you in 2012.

The best way you can keep up with my movements is to follow me on twitter and to hear what sounds I’m coming out with follow me on soundcloud.

Twitter – @K1_Invasion
Soundcloud –

Thanks for taking some of your own time to have a talk with Mixclique K1. We hope that we can do this again in the future with even more good news bruv!

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